Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quilt Encounter

last week I had a wonderful time at quilt encounter catching up with old friends and doing two very exciting workshops. The first was 'Handbags' with Olga Walters, which was a very freeing class by an entertaining teacher with a lovely relaxed anything goes approach, she made the class so much fun and we used different and interesting techniques. I was very pleased with my effort.
The second workshop was two days with Jacqui Karl making 'Layered Leaves'. Jacqui is from New Zealand and it was very enjoyable to hear the familiar accent and mannerisms of my home country. Her workshop was very interesting teaching several different ways to make 3D leaves using some techniques I had not tried up till now. Again I was very pleased with the results.
Regards Elizabeth.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A workshop with Mariya Waters

Mariya's workshop at The Sewing Sanctuary was very inspiring and I learnt some very exciting new techniques. I enjoyed it so much that I continued with the project when I went on a weekend retreat with friends immediately following the workshop. I have almost finished the project and will certainly use the technique in future quilts. Mariya gave us some very useful tips as well and I am looking forward to her return visit next year.
Next on my agenda which I am also very much looking forward to is a few days at Quilt encounter to learn some more new techniques.
Regards Elizabeth.