Block of the Month Quilts

BUNNIES PLAYGROUND. 58 inches square wall hanging. This is a delightful quilt with bunnies in a garden setting featuring embroideries, applique (both needle-turn and fusible with blanket stitch), English paper piecing and machine piecing. It consists of nine blocks plus sashing and borders and is sold as a ten month project. A basic understanding of patchwork and a moderate skill level is recomended.
This block of the month can be purchased from Craft in the Vale, Mob: 0439 505 550.

A JOYOUS SEASON. 53 inches wide x 64 inches long. If you would like a Christmas quilt that features all the joyous feelings of the season without Santa, snowmen or nativity scenes then this is the quilt for you. It is a nine month project in the row by row style. The instructions are for needle-turn applique but you may use blanket stitch applique if you wish.
This quilt can be purchased as a pattern of the month from Craft in the Vale, Mob: 0439 505 550.

JAPANESE IMAGES. 39 x 54 inches. This wall-hanging in the block of the month format has a feeling of Japan. Each block features a different image typical of that beautiful country. If you admire the Japanese style you will enjoy working on this quilt, it even feaatures sashiko stittching and the pattern includes tips on how to achieve perfect results in this traditional Japanese stitch. The project runs for eight months and is suitable for intermediate quilters. This BOM was exclusive to Patchwork by Sea until recently, they may still have some available.
I am in the process of revising this pattern slightly and making changes in the foreground of some blocks prior to re-releasing it. Watch this space.

LONGEVITY SYMBOLS OF JAPAN. 53 x 40 inches. This nine month project features images widely recognized as symbols of longevity by the Japanese people. The meanings are turtle, longevity; carp, vigour and endurance; bamboo, endurance and longevity; pine, auspicious long life and good fortune; and crane, longevity - legend says it lives a thousand years. The wave and iris (which grows on pond margins) are only support blocks for the carp and turtle blocks. The meanings of the two Japanese writing characters (kanji) on the quilt are from left to right "a long time (forever)" and "a happy life"
This BOM is exclusive to Patchwork by Sea.

BEAUTIFUL GEISHA. 40 x 50 inches. This nine month project features the beautiful Geisha with some of the items she would make use of in her daily life such as hairpins, hair-combs, fans and shoes. Also included are some of the beautiful flowers usually associated with Japan. The kanji characters on the quilt mean "beautiful". This BOM is exclusive to Patchwork by Sea.

THREE FRIENDS OF WINTER. 44 x 34 inches. According to Japanese tradition the pine tree, bamboo and plum blossom are refered to as 'The three friends of winter' and are often depicted together in Japanese art. This wall hanging also includes the Japanese kanji characters which stand for pine, bamboo and plum, these are depicted on the relevant blocks. The red sashing in the quilt represents a traditional Japanese gate.
This is a nine month BOM project exclusive to The Sewing Sanctuary in Aldinga, South Australia.

SPRING EVENING IN JAPAN. A new BOM exclusive to Patchwork by Sea now availaable.