Saturday, March 26, 2011

close up photos on gallery and block of the month pages

Check out the new photos I have added this week. I've also found a photo of my assistant putting her paw of approval on the quilt I made for my niece a few years ago so here she is.
regards Elizabeth.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I've made a start at last on a new project I am calling Labyrinth. The difference between a maze and a labyrinth is that a maze has a choice of different paths to take some of which have dead ends whilst a labyrinth has only one path leading to the centre. I love to incorporate circular motifs and curving rhythms in my quilts, mollusc and gourd are good examples of this, so it was probably inevitable that I would eventually make a labyrinth quilt. Labyrinths go back thousands of years BC and researching them has been fascinating. I have chosen to use needleturn applique instead of the faster machine applique method so it may be quite some time in the making because of all the small brick wall and crazy path pieces, but I am enjoying the process.
Regards Elizabeth.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another busy week

This latest week has been full on again. On Monday our McLaren Vale group were invited to visit Myponga Mudlark Quilters and when we arrived we found that several other groups around the district had also been invited, in fact the Mudlarks were expecting about 90 guests. As you can imagine we had the most wonderful day catching up with quilting friends. A very interesting talk about antique quilts and in particular Armish quilts was given by Lyn Uppill from Riverlea Quilts and she had wonderful old quilts to show us. The quilts hung about the hall and show and tell from visitors was also very inspiring and the Mudlarks unveiled their new banner. One of my quilts 'Carrousel' elicited a very good response which promises well for future workshops with this quilt.
Tuesday was spent with the girls I teach at the Seaford/Moana Neighbourhood centre and as always was a delightful day of interesting conversation intermingled with patchwork and quilting.
On Wednesday I spent a very busy but interesting day working in Karen's shop 'The Sewing Sanctuary' where I am employed on a casual basis.
Thursday was a welcome day at home relaxing with a new sewing project.
Friday I was back at the Sewing Sanctuary teaching my 'Tessellated Flowers' workshop. As a teacher it's wonderful to see the different fabric choices of students and the completely different look this has for their quilts, they were all lovely.
Saturday was of course Country Forum put on by our South Australian Quilters Guild and with such a crowd of eager patchworkers from all around the state our group again met up with distant friends. On the program were very interesting talks and presentations. Rachelle Denenny talked about her win in Huston which was just as interesting as when she spoke at Guild, we all shared in the excitement of her win with her.
Lyn Uppill spoke again this time about Japanese antique fabrics and sashiko stitching which is of special interest to me as it is one of the workshops I teach. Lyn was on the same tour of Japan I went on in 2005.
Last but not least was a very informative talk by Pam Holland about embellishing quilts. Pam is a very entertaining and accomplished speaker and we are lucky to have her as a member of our Guild.
I am looking forward to a quieter week next and hope to make some progress on my new quilt.
Regards Elizabeth.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Photos

In spite of a busy week I,ve finally had a chance to retake photos of my most recent award quilts to show you, so now "Fantasy Seed Pods" and the miniature "Baby Rose of Sharon" are here for you to see with some close ups also on the gallery page. Those of you lucky enough to be going to the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne at the end of April will be able to see "Fantasy seed pods" in real life becausing it's going to be there in the selection from South Australia. I am also looking forward to a lovely day at our South Australia guilds Country Forum on 12th March and am taking my award quilts along for show and tell. Any quilt related outing is very enjoyable and tomorrow is another such day with my local group, we are visiting a neighbouring group for a fun day of socializing.
Regards Elizabeth.