Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trials and tribulations with photos

Some of you observant visitors to my blog may have noticed that there are no photos of my most recent awards. I did have photos but they're lost. I have a teenage daughter who borrowed my camera. She took out my sim-card (with the photos on) so she could use her own sim-card and mine was "put in a safe place". Well you know the thing about safe places, one tends to forget where they are. If you know anything about the state of teenagers bedrooms you'll realize the monumental task finding anything in there would be. My sim-card will no doubt be found eventually, meanwhile I'll have to find the time to take new photos to show you - so keep watching.
You will also notice I am having trouble getting photos to "fit" properly on my blog. I am trying to organise them into pages and it's taking me some time to work it all out. Just between you and me I'd far rather be designing new patterns and making new quilts.
Regards Elizabeth.

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