Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flower meadow

This is what I am calling my new quilt in Mckenna Ryan fabrics. I have finished the dresden plate flowers and have made a start appliquing them by  needleturn which I have chosen for portability so I can take the project with me on a retreat which is comming up soon. I am really pleased with how it is looking and because I am excited about it I spend every spare moment on it and so it grows quickly.
Another thing I did this week was to make myself a proper design wall. You'd think I would have something so vital to designing but no, I have been accustomed to pinning pieces to a quilt which hangs in my workroom, that worked OK but was far from ideal. Last weekend I taught a workshop where there was designwalls for all the students and it was fantastic so this has prompted me to finally make a proper one for myself. All it took was a piece of light plywood, a piece of batting, a staplegun and a small amount of time, well worth the effort.
Regards Elizabeth.

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