Monday, April 25, 2011

Barossa day trip

Yesterday we went on a lovely drive through the Adelaide hills to visit quilt exhibitions in the Barossa valley. It was a beautiful day and all the autumn foliage was in full color. Our first stop was Jenny's sewing centre in the main street of Angaston where there were some beautiful quilts. Several of these had exquisite machine embroidery. Needless to say the shop had some fabulous fabric that I couldn't resist. Further down the street we visited the Vine Patch Quilters exhibition where we had delicious tea and scones after viewing the quilts. This time quite a few of the quilts had hand embroidery in the blocks. The next stop was the beautiful display of quilts at the Barossa Quilt Cottage. I enjoyed seeing so many of Michele Hill's quilts together in one place and also some of Lorraine Cocker's recent work. I particularly liked Lorraine's "Little Speckled Bird" quilt, the applique blocks were just lovely.
All together we had an enjoyable quilty day out.
Regards Elizabeth.

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